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Lixe sigaretta elettronica

Your Journey Starts Here.

LIXE®, the first electronic cigarette, designed in Italy with Made in Italy e liquids. LIXE®, being easy to use and highly satisfying, will be your companion on your path towards a healthy life without tobacco.

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Why choose LIXE®?


LIXE® was devised for smokers, to bring forward a higher level of satisfaction.


It’s bottomless and easy to use. Just click the Pod in and take a drag.


You’ll get rid of ash and of smoke. No odor.


Liquids Made in Italy, pharmaceutical products without the presence of benzoic acid.


LIXE® Recycling Program

caratteristiche kit sigaretta elettronica Lixe

Light And Edgy

LIXE® is fashionable but at the same time discrete because it is designed in a modern and minimal way. Its elegant look hides a handy device with a vast range of flavors that can always be kept within reach. And all you need is a simple draw.

Without buttons

Because of the simple buttonless design LIXE® can be activated by a simple draw.

Ten different flavors Made In Italy

You can choose among ten flavors and four different nicotine levels.

Three colors

LIXE® is available in three different colors.


Install Lixe

Install this application on your home screen for quick and easy access when you’re on the go.

Just tap Share then “Add to Home Screen”