Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is LIXE®?

LIXE® is a device that substitutes the combustion of traditional cigarettes with the vaporization of liquid. The heating produces vapor. LIXE® is an alternative to traditional cigarettes that can satisfy your need of nicotine, its advantage being that the liquids do not contain toxic chemicals, emitted in the process of consumption of tobacco products. In the device there is a battery (according to many tests it has reached high quality standards), it contains an Overheating Protection System and a sensor that shows the battery level.

The LIXE® device is rechargeable with a USB charger and it takes 15 minutes to get fully charged.

LIXE® Pods have an internal heating head, all you need to have a new one, is replace the Pod without any contact with liquid nor leakages.

What makes LIXE® unique?

We believe that the adult smokers that want to quit smoking, should be offered a quality alternative that would satisfy them. The satisfaction is indeed the key element for smoking cessation.

In this aspect our vaporizing device is one of a kind:

  • the nicotine level was studied to satisfy cigarette smokers;
  • with the system of temperature regulation, our devices reach the optimal vaporization level without any overheating;
  • Our devices are easy to use to reflect the habits of a smoker and to make the switching to the electronic cigarette as simple as possible;
  • we use high quality materials, e.g. Zinc alloy for devices and Natural flavors for liquids to allow a vaping experience above the average.
  • We are continuously developing new, innovative systems to find the best way to meet the needs of smokers who want to switch to electronic cigarettes.

How to activate LIXE®?

To activate LIXE® you only have to take a draw.

How do I know when the battery’s level is low and that it has to be charged?

The battery level can be read with one look at the LED. When the LED is GREEN, the battery is fully charged. When during vaping the LED turns YELLOW, the remaining battery power is 45%. When the LED turns RED it means that it’s time to charge the battery since the remaining power is 10% or less.

How to charge the battery?

The battery charging is also very intuitive. The device is actually provided with a magnetic U SB charger, just put the battery in the USB charger and connect the USB to a power source, e.g. to a wall adapter, to a power bank or to a computer.

How to refill the e liquid?

LIXE® was designed as a pod system to avoid eventual liquid leakages. And due to pods, changing the flavors as you most prefer is a piece of cake. Just extract the pod and insert a new one with a different flavor.

Does LIXE® need to be cleaned?

Although LIXE® doesn’t need much maintenance, we recommend using a dry or slightly moist cotton bud to clean the charging contacts and the inner part of LIXE® where the pod goes.

What is the best way to preserve LIXE®?

For a long battery life, we suggest that the device isn’t stored for more than 2 weeks with discharged battery. When you put the device away for a month or more, it is recommended to charge the device and remove the pod first.

As any nicotine containing product, LIXE® device must be kept away from children and pets.

Can I take LIXE® on board of a plane?

Taking LIXE® on the journey is safe, but most of airline companies limit the usage of vaporizers. The exposure to extreme altitude variations, such as flying onboard of a plane, can cause slight leakages of LIXE® pods, especially if they are partially used. We suggest that you do not take partially used pods on board or that you eliminate them before boarding a plane and use a new one when you land. If your LIXE® pod leaks, it is recommended to avoid a direct contact with the liquid. If you come into contact with the liquid, wash your hands with water and soap. It is still possible to continue to use an LIXE® pod if some liquid has leaked, but dry it carefully with a clean cloth or tissue before fitting it to the device. If the leakage continues, contact the LIXE® team.

How long does the battery last?

Depending on your use, the fully charged battery should last around a day or approximately for a whole LIXE® pod.

Can I keep charging even when the battery is already fully charged?

The intelligent LIXE® charging technology is designed in order to minimize the risk of overcharging.

How many puffs can I take with a full Pod?

Depending on your usage, an LIXE® pod provides approximately 200 puffs. However, the way you draw and the way you vaporize can affect the number of puffs.

How can I dispose of the device?

We’ve projected our device to exceed the 1 year warranty period. When disposing of it, LIXE® has to be treated as an electronic consumer device, like a cell phone. We suggest that you follow the recommendations of your city for the disposal of a rechargeable lithium polymer battery.