We know that flavors are essential for a satisfying experience and that finding the right one is very important. Our goal is to provide flavors suited to adult smokers while complying with the highest quality standards.

Keep an open attitude as you try new flavors. Your favorite flavor may come as a surprise.

With time you could also get fed up with a flavor. After all, not everyone wants to eat their favorite meal every day. That’s a good time to try a new flavor.

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Flavor Guide:

Riserva:  an intense and satisfying flavor with a supple, but not sweet, aroma with central note of bitter licorice.

Natcooky: a slightly salted cookie that gives off a hazelnut, rounded by cacao butter.

Lucky: delicate fragrance of refined tobacco.

Gold: an intense and satisfying tobacco flavor.

Fresh: a delicious tobacco flavor with mint notes.

Virginia: Virginia tobacco extract with delicate fruity notes.

King Arthur: banana notes that blend with peanut and pistachio flavors.

Ginevra: a pleasant blend of Concord Grapes and Forest Fruits with a delicate mint fragrance.

Excalibur: Italian licorice and a fresh touch of peppermint.

Avana: an intense tobacco flavor

We hope that you find the flavor you like and the one that provides the most suitable alternative for your needs. Good luck in searching!