Welcome to the LIXE® world. It’s the home of an e-cigarette that is unlike any other. The highly delectable vaping is utterly simple and intelligent. Happy that you’ve decided to give LIXE® a try, we have some tips on how to make the most of your first experience. Here’s what could work for you:

LIXE® is devised in a new way and it doesn’t offer the same experience as a traditional cigarette and you have probably smoked for some time and have developed your unique drag. But as LIXE® is as nothing you’ve tried before, you’ll probably need a few tries to find the puff that suits you the most. We encourage you to take your time and experiment with patience.

At first, make cautious steps. Being a new experience to you, LIXE® may not produce the quality and the quantity of vapor you’d imagined. To get to know better its features, we suggest that you initially explore with different types of puffs. You would maybe want to start with shorter and shallower puffs. Start slowly and proceed gradually until you find the way of inhaling that suits you the most.

Have faith. LIXE®’s mission is to provide you with the nicotine dose that caters to your preferences, keeping the flavor experience and the feel natural, yet one of the kind. Facing some initial frustration is therefore not unusual. But keep your faith. Take a short break and pick it up later. You will find the most suitable puff.