Silver Device by LIXE


LIXE®, the first electronic cigarette, designed in Italy with Made in Italy e liquids. LIXE®, being easy to use and highly satisfying, will be your companion on your path towards a healthy life without tobacco.


1 x LIXE device

1 x USB charger


Color: Silver

Material: Zinc Alloy

Replaceable cartridge/ Pod: Yes

Resistance: 1.8 ohm

Coil type: Ni80

Size with pods: 102 mm x 19 mm x 7.2 mm

Weight: 15.5g

Battery capacity: 240 mAh

Battery type: inbuilt

Liquid capacity: 0.8 ml

Button free

One drag activation

No leakages

No over‑heating

Ultra light and easy to use

Compatible Cartridges: Avana - Pod for LIXE - 4pcs, Excalibur - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Ginevra - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, King Arthur - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Virginia - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Natcooky - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Fresh - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Gold - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Lucky - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs, Riserva - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs.

How to add liquid: Just replace the cartridge/Pod with a new one.

Cartridge replacement: Extract the cartridge and replace it with a filled one.

Battery charging: Connect the device with the USB charger and insert the USB part in the computer or in a wall adapter. The LED will lit in BLUE. When the charging is completed, the LED will turn GREEN.

Battery life indicator: If during the vaping the LED is GREEN, the battery is fully charged. 2. When the LED turns YELLOW while vaping, the battery charge is 45%. 3. The LED turns RED during the vaping and it means that the remaining charge is at 10% and that the device should be recharged.


1 x LIXE device

1 x USB charger

Tipo di ProdottoHardware

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