Gold - Pods for LIXE - 4pcs

An intense and satisfying flavor. Tobacco of a traditional flavor, selected among the best.

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While vaping Avana you will feel like being on a beautiful Caribbean beach of Cuba. This tobacco tasting e-liquid has aromatic and very characteristic notes.

Excalibur is hard to describe. You can taste the Italian licorice from Calabria region mixed with the fresh taste of peppermint and more and more....Try it yourself!

A pleasant mix of concord grape, forest fruits and a delicate mint flavor.

King Arthur its natural flavors reveral sponge cake and fruit with a banana in the lead role. 

Virginia offers a taste of classic Brightleaf Tobacco, also known as Virginia tobacco, enriched with fruity and sweet notes.

A savory tobacco flavor with intense, fresh and exhilarating notes of mint leaves.

A soft fragrance. Delicate golden notes of refined tobaccos selected to offer and savor a pleasant flavor.

A slightly salted cookie that gives off a hazelnut.

An intense and satisfying flavor with a supple but not sweet aroma with central note of bitter licorice is it to be used every day because it is pleasant and the notes are well balanced.